Central Kitchen & Cook Chill

Central Kitchen 

We have a centralised kitchen enables us to serve a large volume in a short period of time and helps improve: 

  • Efficiency – Only skilled manpower is required at the central kitchen which will make the operations more efficient 
  • Food Costs – Competitive purchasing through bulk buying brings prices lower and reduces wastage to only one location 
  • Equipment Costs – Investment in kitchen equipment concentrated to one location instead of numerous locations 
  • Product Quality – The taste and quality of food is standardised and consistent throughout the service 


Cook Chill 

To optimise the quality of food served, we provide a controlled system of advanced food preparation that allows flexibility in food service whist ensuring its cleanliness and hygiene exposure. This ‘Cook Chill’ method is used by caterers, whereby cooked dishes are chilled rapidly stored at controlled temperatures and reheated as and when required only. This allows us to serve a broader variety of fresh-tasting foods safely and consistency.


Classified into comprehensive and non-comprehensive contracts for Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) systems, ...

Technology of indoor or automotive environmental comfort..

We help clients in understanding their buildings better by giving them the information to ...

We provide maintenance and refurbishment for structural repair, carpentering, plumbing and piping..

Our professional cleaning services are tailored to the different requirements of any types and sizes of businesses..

Ensure all lifts, escalators, gondolas and skyjacks are working smoothly and safely at all times.

TMR uses web based CMMS to manage our operation fronts and widely used for our entire work request.

Offers detailed inspection, survey, measurement and analysis of energy flows of a built environment...

Our company provide services pertaining Occupational health and safety is a cross-disciplinary area concerned with ...

We offer services range from focused service to full service camp management.

We provide a food production facility in which food is produced for service off-site in receiving kitchens (satellites), ...

We act as contract administration or manager and directly liaise with the clients...

We provide security personnel such as security guards to keep an eye on compounds and worker’s camps..

Our services namely Landscape and Pest Control services complement the total care for any facilities..

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All Services

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